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Enthusiasm & Engagement - Mahabharata

The idea of Employee Enthusiasm & Engagement is very appealing. One sees a lot of meaning & practical Management value in it.

Conceptually, Employee Engagement was first propounded in 1990 & became part of Management literature by 2000 .However, we fail to recognize that the earliest references of Engagement & Connect practices are in the Mahabharata.

Addressing Sahadeva - the youngest, Dharmaraja (Yudhistira) says..the war is inevitable. Krishna has failed in his peace mission. We have thus formed our Army into 7 Divisions - Drupada, Virata, Dhrishtayumna, Sikhandin, Satyaki, Chekitana & Bhimsena will Command the Divisions. We need a 'Super Commander' over them. Who do you think is the most competent for this role?

Albeit youngest, his views are sought on this critical decision. Views of the youngest was first sought even before taking opinion of the elders. This created enthusiasm, enhanced self respect, self-confidence & built a bond with the decision.

If the elders were consulted first, their opinion would be conclusive. Thereafter none could speak. Most critically, opinions thereafter taken would be seen as a meaningless opinion or a challenge to power of the elder as in blocking movement of a horse in the 'Ashva Medha Yagna'.

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