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Fake Work

A lot of time was spent to do that assignment including missing a family week-end holiday. Wife was angry but I explained. The supporting research made me travel & visit external clients at awkward hours. Lived last 2 weeks eating dry sandviches. But in the end the 20 page detailed report was ready. I was thrilled. If nothing else, boss should now be proud of me. Only 14 days ago, Kulkarni my boss called in desperation. He wanted me to work on a research based report on Changing Customer Insights. Time was short. 80 clients had to be covered. The Report had to be handed over by 22 March. Kulkarni had to present it to the Board on 23 March. Task looked impossible but I took the challenge. Relieved now that I had met the deadline, today was March 22. I put it in a nice envelope, sealed it & wrote a cute note on the canvass envelope thanking him for the learning opportunity !!! Tired then I went to Starbucks. I saw Suzzy, Kulkarni's secretary there. I told her about the Board report...she seemed surprised. Board meeting...? Nothing like that was due or scheduled for the next 2 months & by the way Kulkarni was on Vacation for the next 7 days. Fake work looks like that. I felt ignored, dejected, raped & thereafter got totally disengaged & disconnected from the Company.

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