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Fortitude Blockers

'Fortitude' is a virtue of Leadership in tough times. Just look around and you will find evidences of this.  Leadership  often unfortunately succumbs to certain blocks which are induced by inherent fears & insecurities. 

Fortitude sometimes abandons. Courage succumbs to fears. But being intelligent, the human mind throws up logically appealing rationalisations to garb its fears and strongly  justify its choice for inaction. 

You could be blocked too. Not that these Blocks affect only the others. Check yourself out. These are the 10 most common Leadership Fortitude BLOCKS to Action.

1. Rocking Boat Nausea: Fear of losing comfortable equations to the new battle realities. Why rock the boat ?  Try to Adjust...maybe accept a little less. Continue till it totally collapses.

2. Power Outage: fear of power loss, status & importance that follows change.

3. Shooting in Dark: Not knowing for sure if the recommended way is the right way forward 

5. Capability Penury: Unfamiliarity with new tools, techniques and technology required with doubt to adaptability.

6. Defecient Learning Capacity: Low on learning quotient

7. Quarantined Experiences: Ignorance about comparable success stories of other that motivates fortuitous actions.

8. Silence of the Lambs: Absence of Pressure from 

bottom for change

9. Fooled by Randomness: Low Self Confidence. It eminates from the belief that first time over maybe one was lucky. This blocks the leader from tryng a second time.

10. Antique Collector : Strong Belief that new situation is temporary & the old, familiar  & proven would still and soon find its way.  Hold and bear until then.

There are tricks and tactics to tackle each of these blocks. But that for someday later.

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