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Game called Life

Seneca, was a Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman and a dramatist. During my Law School days, I had read his famous work - 'Letters from a Stoic'. I was majorly impacted and influenced by his works.

He says somewhere in the prose that a man's ideal state is realized when he has fulfilled the purpose for which he is born. And what is it that reason demands of him ??? Something very easy - that he lives in accordance with his own nature.

I have all along personally lived and enjoyed my life in full flurry, in accordance with my nature. And though I may have suffered, I have never had to regret that decision, even a moment..

This poem from American poet Javan aptly summarises my feelings, which I share with you. I hope you enjoy reading it . . (Check the Doodle)

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תגובה אחת

04 במאי 2020

One's self satisfaction at having lived one's life on one's terms is the best and Only reward required for it....

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