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Good Timber

As I look back, I dont think that any poem connects with me or has beckoned me in life more than this lovely poem - 'Good Timber' by Douglas Malloch. Let me share the same with you.

Good Timber certainly not easy to grow. Adversity and challenge season's good Timber....stronger the wind, stronger the trees....further the sky, taller the trees....greater the storm, stronger the determination & capacity to survive.

The silver spoon Princes may admire the determination but will never understand the struggle.

The Manor born readily give up everything without even remote effort or without appreciating its value. On the other hand there are those two who must fight from their birth to survive. The latter become Timber. The others become twigs in the storm of adversity.

It is therefore necessary for you to build that fight and struggle in your children. So what if you may be doing well and may inherit your estates to them. But don't take their fight away. You take that fight away and their estates will be gone.

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