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Growth Mindset Of The Real Winners

Dr. Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at the Columbia University in a research asked respondents -

" When do you feel smart ? "

The fixed mind-set respondents said : "It's When I don't make mistakes" OR "When I finish something fast and I don't make mistakes" OR "When something is easy for me but others can't do it ". For them, it was about immediate perfection and victory above others.

The Growth Mindset respondents replied ... "When it's really hard and I try really hard and I can now do something I couldn't do before" OR "When I work on a very hard task for a long time and I start to figure it out". For them, it was not about immediate perfection. It was about learning over time : confronting a challenge and making progress.

Both types are winners.One is but a short term 'event' winner driven more by the ego of winning. The other is the real growth mindset winner, the real long winner.

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1 commentaire

Sushil Baveja
Sushil Baveja
13 nov. 2022

So true 👍

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