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Happiness in Your Disposition!

I am determined to be happy and hence cheerful in whatever situation that I may find myself in. That is what one needs to keep telling himself/herself in private self-conversations and ones self starting moments, every day.

What is the greatness in feeling happy when everything you wish , you get OR every desire you seek, is going your way ??? There is then no struggle and hence, no role for you to play in such an equation and drama of life. 

I have realised that our misery is actually determined not by the circumstances we find ourselves in but by our disposition towards them. We cannot control circumstances. But our disposition in the nature of our responses are purely ours. Thus the unhappy can actually be happy even under most unhappy & trying circumstances!!!  

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worned or consumed. It is a fluid state of the mind ! 

'Kabhie khushi, kabhie gumm! ' Happiness is the spiritual experience of living authentically, every minute with love, grace and gratitude. 

I could not find a better graphic representation of this narrative than this picture. Rightly said a friend ... "slap me next time you find me bitterly complaining about less sugar in the tea !". Be an actor in the drama of your life.

I wish you pure happiness ahead.

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