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In A Different World

Sharing, caring & giving are ethereal and sublime Values. Somehow, for strange reasons, it has wrongly captured the imagination of our human mind to generally mean the rich and the strong - giving and sharing a part of it for the poor, the weak and the needy. It has a social relevance but is imagined to be away from the Corporate zone.

How sad. Would we all not be living in such a beautiful world if on the breathing and living Corporate tracks of our life, people shared, cared and gave to each other seamlessly -   genuine support, sympathy, empathy, resources, shared experiences, exposures, inclusivity, diverse protection, knowledge, care, concern, learning opportunities, genuine feedback , growth alternatives and communicated sincerely without hidden agendas. 

What an enabling work place Climate that would create ... one that would foster and deliver Corporate Happiness & Flourish. A place where all would gain and none would lose.

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