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Leadership in Adverse times

Leadership in Adverse times has to learn to cut Costs but ensure that it protects Value.

Questions like - should we pay salaries or not for the period not worked ?... how many hours should people work from home ?... how do we ensure that they work ...? etc etc.

 If you put your mature thinking hat on and select the right leadership filters  - of cutting costs without losing value, you will get your answers without seeking any external counsel.

Corporate Leadership in the past (during happier days) have used analogies like 'One Family', 'one for all and all for one',  Vasudev Kutumbh etc etc. These are moments of time to show leadership Authenticity. Why doubts then in your mind now ?? Act adversely and in the period PC ( Post Corona), whoever will believe your leadership affirmations ?? Thus think before you act ... make haste slowly !

Leadership in such moments of adversity and crisis should act and think like a Surgeon who has to decide on his feet on the Operating Table...where to cut ,  how much to cut and what to protect ??

Cut yes you need to ... but don't cut the muscle and never cut the bone.

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1 Comment

Pritish Sah
Pritish Sah
Apr 02, 2020

Thanks Adil for writing on practical leadership styles to be practised. Worth reading. Your post help us to relate very easily.

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