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Leadership Talks - 'Covid' Times

Leadership Talks - 'Covid' Times

The old phrase is cliched. When going gets tough, the tough start Communicating. That is the new mantra.

The quintessential question is : WHAT do inspirational leaders communicate in such adversities ?

Leadership narratives in such Adversities needs to be :

- Reassuring

- Rebonding

- Informative

- Strategic &

- Inspirational

Leadership messaging should:

👉Periodically reassure the well being with themes for personal health, psychological & emotional well-being. Muster assistance from a counsellor, a doctor and a phyical trainer on conference calls.

👉Emotionally rebond with loose connections. Reconnecting & bonding with familiar sounds & images reassures.

👉Put-up reparing value chain impacted issues as challenges

👉Ensure Collaborative Reaffiliation to the

Purpose & strengthen impacted Connections to strategy.

👉Design white- board discussions on themes like re-entry, WFH & other People related policies & challenges.

👉Continue employee engagement & connect thru Quizes, cross-words, value-chain scramble words.

👉Let regular fire-side leadership chats drive employee motivation.

Communications used effectively provide a magical soothing effect to distressed nerves in adversities.

Don't lose the magic, use it very effectively...

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