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Leaves In the Pond

They may all be leaves in the same pond but each is a different leaf. Like people born and nurtured in the same family, neighborhood, town, city or country. Or even under a common Zodiac configuration. Individual traits are different and it is critical to recognise them. Showcase Leadership finds it easy & convenient to broad base & generalise such traits for treatment. But that is surely like a blind man running on a rail track, unmindful of the fast oncoming train. All man are strong, all women are hysteric, all north Indians are short-fused, all Gujaratis are business manipulators etc are biases which develop under showcase Leadership that does not invest in trait psychology. If the organisation desires to have a motivated, connected and engaged talent edge, it's leadership will have to be trait savvy. It will have to recognise individual trait differences like intelligence, adjustability, committment, sociability, grit, social intelligence, emotional equanimity & optimism that leads to differences in enterprise performance.

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