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Management Lessons the 'Mumbai Way'

Living in the Maximum City teaches you more than what a structured Management School program could teach.

Let's recount ... :

- Survival Skills

- Locating your Space, Spot & Identity in a congested market

- Negotiations, giving & taking

- Success thru Interpersonal Skills & People

- Problem Solving

- Taking charge of challenges & resourcing to fulfill it.

- Enjoying within your space & protecting it whilst sharing with stake- holders

- Delivery on time, irrespective of challenges

- Anticipating adverse changes, all the time

- Organising & Pacing your moves, whilst minding your business

- Co-survival & breaking silos

- Planning your destination, resources & pathing yr journeys

- Mature balancing of work & life though co-located

- Guarding, protecting & securing interests

- Above all managing your Happiness by sharing with neighbours & fulfilling your social responsibilities

The Maximum City never sleeps... professionally being ever alert is critical

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