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Master Chef Recipe for 'Success'...

It is not as simple. Deciding to succeed is not good enough though it is a great starting point. 'Deciding' is not the same as 'Actioning'. And 'Actioning' the right recipe is what brings that great dish with right taste and nourishment on to your table.

The challenge with success is similar. Merely deciding to succeed is not good enough. This dish has also to be further strategised, cooked with patience & passion, loaded with right ingredients and put on a fire at the right flame for the right time !

The recipe of 'Success' is simple...

Step 1 : Take raw Decision. Wash it & soak in your conscious mind to remove surface level pollutants ( it may have been exposed to till it arrived in your kitchen).

Step 2 : Goes in with the clean Raw Decision are further ingredients like tons of love, lots of efforts, plenty of care, a flourish of endeavor, heaps of stretch & a fistful of stress.

Step 3 : Allow ingredients to boil on slow flame. Success does not cook on a high flame. It's not an overnight flash in the pan. Periodically keep stirring till it reaches the desired viscosity.

Step 4 : Keep stirring till you smell the sweet aroma of success. Work hard. People in the bedroom should shout out : "wow, something great is cooking in the kitchen !" Take it then off the flame.

Step 5 : Add the 'HIM' garnishing to the dish ... humility, inspiration & maturity to the dish.

Step 6 : Now that your dish is ready. Serve it on attractive crockery & shinning cutlery for great taste, healthy nourishment & an experience of culinary delight

Try it. Surely, you will like it !

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