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  • Adil Malia

Mathematical Equation of Life

Thinking that is influenced by 'Unconditional Love' and thoughts that are inspired by the 'Self Conditioned Mind' .... between these two realities lie the equations of life.

Unconditional Love adds happiness and grows value. The Self-

Conditioned mind on the other hand evaluates only self benefits and plans growth only for assets. Unconditional Love yearns for blessings in the form of boons and happiness ... the Self Conditioned Mind strives only for commercial prosperity & gains.

Unconditional Love adds and then multiplies.The Self-Conditioned Mind - subtracts and then divides.

Unconditional Love is intuitional...the Self- Conditioned mind is Cognitive and thus manipulative.

And this is the mathematical equation of Success in Life. Those who are able to see thru their 'Self-Conditioned Mind' and subscribe to 'Unconditional Love' would experience happiness and thus smoithly fulfill the purpose of their lives.

The real purpose of Employee Motivation, Connection & Engagement in an enterprise is to enhance impact of Unconditional Love and reduce the negative effect of the Self -Conditioned Employee Mind.

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