• Adil Malia

Mindfulness & Equanimity

There is great value hidden in mindfulness. It reflects steadiness and is an outcome of a state of full maturity, absolute balance and total eqanimity.

By natural design, people are reactive to their experiences. Happy stimulations evoke happy emotions ... reciprocally, sad experiences evoke sad reactions. All such are cumulatively stored in their emotional bank account. This bank account also pays a very high return on negative deposits made but a modest return on positive deposits.

Whenever people independently experience similar or different situations , they involuntarily draw from their emotional bank account which acts like a cumulative repository of past experiences. The emotional baggage they carry interferes with their capacity to make independent and objective judgment. Bias thus is a natural outcome.

Mindfulness is that state of total equanimity where people are able to suspend outflow of their past emotion experiences leaking out from their emotional bank accounts that impacts their objective & independent judgment & decision making.

When you allow your past episodal emotions to interfere with your objective decision making process, you are not being mindful. It takes away a critical dimension that contributes to a successful leader's decision making process. Thus 'Mindfulness' become a very important corporate theme for leadership as it helps leaders to suspend experiences of their past from becoming biases of the future.

Be balanced. Do not let biases of your small experiences interfere with smoother journey of your longer life.

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