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'Mumbai Samachar '200 years - What a Milestone to be Proud of

The Great Media House - 'The Mumbai Samachar' yesterday completed 200 years - a milestone of successful organisational existence that defies even our imagination !

What a brilliant institution that has silently contributed in so many multiple ways without ever losing its maturity, objectivity and balance - and that for 200 years !

Congratulations to the Cama family for being the Beacon they have been to our nation and to the Parsi community not only through the 'Mumbai Samachar' but also thru the munificence of their several public charities.

The Honourable Prime Minister and The Respected Chief Minister both endorsed these contributions in so many words in a glittering event at The Jio Convention Centre - BKC.

Each one of us so distinctly proud of you. God bless Mumbai Samachar , God bless Cama family.

Balance, Maturity, Resilience, Social Responsibility & Excellence - The 5 Great lessons to learn for Corporates in 'Institution Building' from Mumbai Samachar !

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2 comentarios

15 jun 2022

Dear sir,

I have a group in f.b. ZOROASTRIAN PARSI GOD WILL MAKE WAY. I need to publish my group in PARSI COMMUNITY. I hope you will help me about it's.



Me gusta

15 jun 2022

Really v.great news pepar " Mumbai Samachar "

Good morning sir 🌹

Me gusta
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