• Adil Malia

Mutual Respect

Respect is unadulterated admiration for someone, irrespective of the relationship. I can respect someone even if I do not personally know him !

When respect is introduced in a two fold or multiple fold relationships, it takes the shape of 'mutual respect'. Mutual Respect thrives on a two-way street. It crashes on a one- way road.

Mutual respect is at the core of any true principle-centered leadership in an enterprise.

Mutual respect is recognition of the idea that individuals have valuable/important contributions to make to each other in a work-relationship and can heavily support & contribute to each other's growth narrative.

Unless it is authentic and mutual, 'uni-flow' respect is only superficial, pretentious and political.

The genesis of all corporate power struggles & conflicts are sourced from the lack of mutual respect that critical power leaders in the system have for each other. Power games prevail where Mutual Respect is dead.

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