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My Bird Has Flown Away ...

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

My cute little blue humming bird has flown away after 17 years ... and I am sad. The adorable, dainty and cherubic little bird always made me feel so calm, composed and placid each day as it came humming home and perched to settle on the android screen in my palm...

While I trust the business genius of Elon Musk & his logic for transforming his platform

now into an all compassing 'everything app' etc, my emotional affiliation will genuinely make me miss my cute little blue 'Tweeting' hummingbird !

The latest logo supposedly the ultimate representation of freedom, hope & limitless possibility (whatever) ... may have a strong rational logic and a supporting narration but emotionally, it will leave a big emotional void in my heart...

I will miss you my cute little blue 'Twitter' bird.... go fly away into your sun-set !

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1 Comment

Jul 28, 2023

Attachment related to brain has no meaning.. Love related to soul is eternal.. To train brain to be with love always love is only giving never expecting.. So wherever bird is it is always in you.. Rigid.. No.. Train brain to be subtle and you experience all are with you.. To see this in your eternal self.. The magnetic effect sublime profound able to manifest and return back to energy..

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