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My Enemy

There is a man within me who refuses to see beyond. Protects me, defends me, argues on my side -  right or wrong and pampers me by telling me that I am the best. All the others fade out before me. I love him and believe him for he never criticises me. He congratulates me for everything I do - I am always the first, the best and the fastest. So what if the actual results may not reflect does that matter at all ? Everyone else needs to take the second seat. The best is always for me. He is the one who keeps reminding me that I can do no wrong. My assumptions are always right, aren't they ??? This man fans my ambitions even if I am not capable of it. Nothing ever is wrong with me. He is the one who always makes me starry eyed for my ambitions after all,  as he says, am I not God's gift to mankind? So what if the others fail in recognizing my potential. Isn't it their problem ??? Despite this, I don't know why they call my dearest friend - 'My Enemy'.

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