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New Definition of 'SLEEPING' !

Innovators across the globe filed 3.3 million patent applications in 2018. A million more than that maybe filed in 2019. You actually need only ONE to make that revolutionary, paradigm shattering, tactonic change in the world. You therefore got to be learning to be able to cope with all the changes happening around, all the time.  In this new world 'SLEEPING' has assumed a new definition. Sleeping clasically is defined as rest taken by suspension of voluntary bodily functions and the natural suspension of consciousness. Ceasing to be awake is the old definition of sleeping. The new world recognises 'SLEEPING' differently. When you are awake and not Learning, you are sleeping. So critical to survival has the learning process become that you cannot be consciously awake and be not learning. So awake and arise. Reset your mind. Change the setting. Go to LEARNING and make it now a 'default setting' instead of it being an 'option setting'.

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Oct 14, 2020

Thank you for sharing the key lesson. It is imperative that Organizations at large Champion the initiative towards building a "Learning Mindset" so as to enable themselves to effectively guide the cultural change, regards

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