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Organisational Sportsmanship

I strongly advocate 'Sportmanship' as one of the Organisation's Core Values. Sportsmanship Values foster a work environment that is fair, authentic, inclusive & resilient. Often, Board Members are curious on my deep search for a candidate's participation in Sporting activities during their assessments. Certainly, not that I am looking to form the organisation's cricket team or stacking-up its winning soccer team with new Stars ! 'Sportsmanship' inculcates strong behavioural traits in participants to... 👉 avoid arguing & move on with renewed efforts even with unfair set-backs 👉 indulge in fair play, winning or losing 👉 follow game-plans & play for the team. 👉 respect the other team. Even competition needs fair handling with positive spirit. 👉 connect, engage & motivate team-members to perform under all conditions 👉 respect decisions of the referees - right or wrong. No public display of emotions. 👉 end the game with a hand-shake irrespective of the outcome. Along with work competence, these are great Organisational values to foster particularly, in Adverse times, when resilience in spirit bolsters the enterprise fight-back to normal times.

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