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Performance Conflicts

All Organisations are generally wrapped in performance linked crisis.

The genesis of these Performance crisis between the Manager's and their team members arise generally from a conflicting script where :

 - the Team Members believe that they have worked very hard on certain goals during the year to achieve the plans based on the initially agreed strategy  BUT ....

- the Manager believing otherwise that the member may have worked very hard but was defocussed, had not set correct priorities and thus was engaged in doing things not necessary on priority & thus did not deliver to the set expectations.

Despite the common initial agreements over strategy and the set goals, disagreements subsequently arise when the long term priorities get into a conflict with other desirable priorities which though less important are easier to undertake and more fun in the short-term to do. 

Another reason for the conflict arises from the basic human deficiency of which makes immediate goals being perceived as more important than the long term goals thus leading to performance conflicts.

Rightly says Walter Mischel ( of the Marshmallow test fame) "If we develop skills that allow us to make discriminations about when we do or don't do something ... and when we do and when we don't wait for something, we are no longer victims of our desires." Then we would be working to a common set of goals between the leader and others.

All our professional education, knowledge and experiences should be able to act as an internal radar that prompts us to determine between our critical strategic  tasks that we are expected to perform on the one hand and the tasks we end up doing because we enjoy them.

The Art Of self-control is critical. It helps one to hold out against temptations. Achieving long term goals takes persistence ,which often means delaying short-term gratification. Learning to say 'No' to immediate gratification and immediate rewards when they come into conflict with bigger strategic plans is critical to success on the performance grid.

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