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 'One man's Mede is another man's Persian.'

One man's statue is another man's stone. Depends on what one is looking out and searching for in options. Clearly it is an 'Approach- Avoidance conflict' ... given the same object and the same option of choices, one party negotiating picks up and approaches one end of the choice and the other, clearly avoids the same. The doodle augments this thought. This sentiment was first expressed by the 20th Century Roman poet Lucretius - appropriated to refer to any situation where two people disagree over something.  Thus insights into employee preferences become very critical before employers offer their value propositions mindlessly to all. A holiday package as a motivational offering to a high performing employee has no take for a person who hates travelling but the same cost incurred to buy him a Mont Blanc pen may motivate him no end. But for that to work, the organisation needs to engage & work very closely to understand employee insights, behaviour preferences, choices and options. That's when Engagement is enhanced, Employee Connections are strengthened, Enterprise happiness is augmented & the Organisation flourishes. 

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