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'Porsche' on the wrong side of the porch

On the wrong side of the porch, even a bi-cycle is valued more than a Porsche !!!

'Value' has value only when unlocked and released. Unless potential is unleashed, it is power that will be rusted out of disuse and thus wasted.

If leadership does not recognise such potential of its people, it will end up using a rabbit to deliver its snail-mail. The cost of underutilisation is humungous and Boards should hold leadership responsible for gross underutilisation of such high potential enterprise resources.

But could you be let-off unblemished for not recognising that high potential talent within you and not pushing the world hard enough to recognise & unleash your talent? Those who shrug and blame divinity & rest of humanity for not recognising their potential have actually no one other than themselves to blame for their complacency

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