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Power Struggle - In The New Co.

Most experienced Managers when they change jobs and join a new Co., face this dilemma for sure. Should they in their new role, right upfront set the Power order straight thru use of formal authority with the new team OR should they wait for the new team to experience their natural abilities and competences over a stretched period of time and thus by doing so, let the new team experience and accept the leader's capability, philosophy and style ??

The insecure prefer the first. The confident and wise prefer the latter. The first may get you instant team Compliance but to mistake that instant compliance for Committment ... that would be the greatest folly of the New Manager.

Building leadership Credibility is very critical for the new Manager in his new role in the new Co with his new team ! Leadership Credibility is the only path that would lead to Committment. Once the Leader's Credibility is established with the new team, the Power traffic would get automatically re-routed to the new leader and the compliance 'facade' would convert itself to Committment.

The new leadership thence will never be in doubt. The new Leader, instead of relying on formal authority to get what he/she wants accomplished would stand better-off and more efficiently served by exercising prudence and showing willingness to share more power with team associates. Thus by doing so the new leader develops greater influence which helps them to command with love , affection and reverence.

When leaders lead in a way that allows the Associates to take the initiative, they end up also building alongside their own leadership Credibility. And that anyways is the purpose.

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