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Pressing The Parachute Button !

Whilst data and analytics are important and we should not jump-in with half baked information, it is also a fact that at some point, you have the discretion to say - "that's good enough, I think I can move".

You cannot keep waiting for all ducks to fall in line. Waiting for all conditions to be right before starting is to wait in perpetuity - paralyzed for action for such a situation will never arise.

Between wisdom and risk lies the judgment of the wise leader. That is the point where waiting at the door of the plane in a disaster, deciding to continue or wait, the leader gives a call - press the parachute button !

The risk taker uses his gut which substitutes for data. The risk averse, waits too long forever seeking more data because the gut keeps prompting - 'Not Safe'. Wisdom like always is somewhere in between.

Thus wisdom is the virtue of a successful leader.

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