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'Progress' ..... is Critical

'Progress' ..... is Critical. That is the Zorastrian Way of Life.

Progressive universe is the law of nature. Progress is the onward march of mankind towards the glorious unfolding designs of Providence. Progress is one of the most salient traits of the Zoroastrian way of life.

Zoroastrians therefore are prompted to be active participants and be supportive of this progressive path and journey of nature. Ever on the move, strives to reach its destiny.

The path of progress may be paved with set-backs not all are lucky. Zoroastrians are prompted thus to be resilient and slowly rise above the adversities that hit.

We gather in the present the harvest prepared by the noble efforts of our ancestors in the past. We cannot forget their toil for the fruits we enjoy today.

But that should not lead us to complacency.

There is a greater duty also cast on all of us. We are equally expected to be actors in the universe of progress and that is the Zoroastrian way of life.

This is what we draw from Yasna 34.15 and Yasna 30.9. thoughts adapted from the seminal work - 'Nemo Ahurai Mazdai' by Dastur M.N.Dhalla.

"Mazda at moi vahishta sravaoscha shyaothanacha vaocha, ta tu Vohu Mananghha Ashacha ishudem stuto khshmaka khshathra Ahura fershem vasna haithyem Dao ahum (Yasna 34.15)"


"itcha toi vaem khyama yoi im ferashem kerenaun ahum" (Yasna 30.9)

Aren't generations of future managers in corporations taught the same ??? Reap benefits of what your senior Managers have left behind for you to work on...but work to progressively grow a better organisation for the future generation that follow you, fir them to deliver Value.

(- Dr. Adil Malia)

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