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Psychological Manipulation ( A Sequel)

Mental Imagery is involved in most of our cognitive human processes. Given a stimuli, the human mind conjures up a matching image of a person, object, situation , a challenge and possibly alongside with it, the image also of what could be the likely solution or the consequential problem.

An overwhelming 97% respondents voted for Manager in Pic # 2. No prizes for guessing : the following characteristics being accepted universally and thus absorbed in one's psyche of choice as capabilities of a congenial Manager:

- Intelligence

- Authenticity

- Cool like a cat (Equanimity)

- Listener ... (I can easily complain my issues )

- Not self-boastful, inclusive & welcoming

- Confident, problem solver being Non-aggressive

- Empathy

- Smiling & defusing

- Affable & approachable

- Reassuring in difficulties.

The character in picture 2 closely matched these deep seated universal capabilities around these experiences and knowledge based subconscious triggers. Pose and posture of the person in pic#2, has all the sub-conscious pictorial triggers of a competent leader. This the intelligent mind of the viewers immediately picked up and thus selection of this picture as that of the leader they wished to work for.

Incidentally, most participants when asked how long they had viewed the two pictures for before making their choice, indicated that it was for not more than 1minute. The subconscious identified the triggered responses in the pictures and thus influenced selection by creating a bias for your choice.

Likewise, the triggering of negative choice for Picture #1, by influencing bias against what one would not like to see in their Managers :

- Boastfulness

- Non inclusive

- Sharp tongued

- Over confident

- Apathetic

What you did not realise was that you were subtly 'Gaslighted' and influenced into choosing character in pic#2 by putting forth picture of an actor (possibly - we do not know him) whose pose and posture triggered capabilities of a competent manager.

What if it happened in real life - the classical wolf gaslights you to chose him as your Manager or subordinate donning the sheep's clothing ???

Go deeper as rightly suggests friends who wisely commented - Dinshaw Tamboly, Minakshi Maheshwari, Joseph John and Abhisek Saha.

My 5 suggestions therefore to help you in quick decision making situation :

1. Go by your inner prompt but do not get gas-lighted. Don't decide.

2. Collect more data to back your obvious choice. Get proof for your choice.

3. Collect more data to revalidate your rejection

4. Match your personally preferred style with the options of biased choice and biased election

5. Decide your choice.

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