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Push Them Off The Edge

Often unknowingly, we are kind to others and unkind to ourselves. Beyond a point, do not allow people - whatever the reason to spread toxity in your life. Boss, colleague, subordinate, partner, brother, sister, spouse or progeny.

People may identify but they are still usually unwilling to confront their toxic perpetrators and trigger happy changes. They miss to find the critical balance between hope for a positive change and fatally getting destroyed in perpetual toxic environment.

That is not to say, be intolerant. Be tolerant, yes. Understand. Empathise. Communicate first. Counsel too. But do not forget to draw the line ... for beyond that point, your tolerance will be acting unkindly towards yourself and will impact your sanity and your health & happiness.

Work places are infamous for toxic relationships. Bosses with their insecurities and power struggles displacing their frustrations on you, jealous colleagues in a growth race blocking your development ... you could also often find yourself becoming the unintended victim experiencing collateral damages in the cross road of departmental wars. Draw the line. Beyond that, cut them off.

Think of a plant : if it is kept under toxic conditions, it can't grow. It will soon wither away. Change the condition and you may be able to revive the dying plant and nurture it to be thriving and flowering again. Be the happy plant. Your inner peace is in your hands. Neutralize their effect. Push the toxic off the edge !

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