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Ram Aur Shyam - Contradiction V/s Persecution

Both these terms - 'Contradiction' and 'Persecution' in behaviours are like monozygotic twins. 'Ram Aur Shyam' ? So identical and similar that only the parents can differenciate and identify. Friends and others who transact with identical twins are often confused. Literally a 'Comedy Of Errors'. Only this one having the potential to become dangerous and destructive.

The purpose for which a difference is being drawn , helps to differentiate the behavioural twins - Contradiction and Persecution.

Firstly to say that 'Contradiction' is healthy. Any diatribe is. Differences and disagreements bring out ultimately the completeness and wholesomeness of an issue. It adds yet another perspective and a view different from the one of the protagonist. Nothing negative about it. It may appear to be contrasting, contra-distinctive and even argumentative but that is not negative. It adds to the wholesomeness. It is a difference created by perspectives and views. The individual holder of one set of such views is not an automatic enemy or target of the holder of the second set of views. That is Ram of the clichéd - Ram Aur Shyam.

Now let's view 'Persecution'. Persecution is a Conflict at a personal level that leads to one set of holders forever taking an opposite or conflicting view or stance, rightly or wrongly. It is contradiction initiated with an unhealthy view to harass, harm and injure the other because of the conflict. It is not perspective or logic lead. It is directly targeted towards a man or holder of a particular belief or a set of views that are conflicting. This conflict is the real bone of contention. It is followed by cruelty or a deep desire to cause grave injury to the extent of total unfair destruction.

'Intent' thus makes the difference between the two - Contradiction & Persecution. Be wise . Everytime the one with a contradictory view to yours, is not necessarily your enemy. Don't let your mind trigger persecution.

Rightly they say : Let me not fall into the vulgar mistake of believing that I am being persecuted, when I am being contradicted...for then it triggers the chain of negativity which leads to contradiction becoming the genesis of persecution in the long run.

Only wise realisation can save you from falling into this trap of human weakness that mixes and jumbles Contradiction with Persecution. Ram has to be distinguished from Shyam.

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