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Reading Market Signals

Reading Market Signals

I learnt this critical capability to read signals in amorphous markets through my experiences at the Dramatics Club at law college. Let me narrate.

The Director of the play (XX ) wanted his younger brother to play the key role. However, rest of the team preferred me.

XX would therefore never confirm my script. One week the play would be Julius Ceasar & I was Mark Anthony. I would memorise the dialogues & then it would be 'Merchant of Venice' and I was to play Shylock !

Another 9 days later, he told me it was 'Death of a Salesman' and I was Willy Loman!

11 days now remained. I was nervous. The ploy was to overwhelm me for the final rehearsal. Surely, the younger brother was being prepared. In the final rehearsals, he would emerge better & I would be in the green room.

Each of the 3 scripts were different. I was anguished.

Suddenly, the penny dropped. I checked with the Stage Manager on nature of the props that were being prepared. I realised it was Julius Ceasor.

I prepared for all 3 but Mark Anothony better. I played it in the Finals !

Real life is similar. Until very late you don't know the emerging scenario. You prepare for all alternatives & then search for one or two cues that would give-away the full play before you are called upon to act.

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