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Reflecting On Reflections

No one is born - a ready to use product. Systematically, over time, thru the SEEF mechanism ('study-experiences-exposure-feedback' ), we construct ourselves to become the best product we can, a moment at a time.

Whilst 'SEE' is learnt easily, the 'F' part of the learning process is generally neglected. Largely because we doubt the authenticity, integrity and intent of the person giving us the feedback.

Here are a few tips for you to not only absorb critical feedback gracefully but also leverage them to your advantage :

1. Recognize Good Intentions. We tend to label as motivated criticism anything that doesn't resemble a glowing compliment

2. Actively Listen to the feedback.Ask clarificatory questions.Seek illustrations and evidences

3. Paraphrase the Feedback

4. Be Gracious. No tamper attacks.

5. Make a plan to action

6. Follow-up observations with a chat over tea.

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