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Rework To Fight-back!

Our insecurities make us lose confidence on our capabilities at the first experience of a loss. Verbal confidence is skin deep. It gets shaken up at the first experience of failure. True confidence is tested out in the face of adversity.  Only when the tide goes out do you discover who is swimming naked says Warren Buffet. 

Day 1 of the Mahabharata 18 day war was adverse for the Pandavas. Albeit Abhimanyu and the other Pandav heroes fought back with all their might, it was just not their day. They were upset. The Sun-set did not see them very elated. 

The demoralized Pandavas assembled around Krishna and sought his advise. All that he told them was...that an army that had brave and valiant soldiers like the Pandavas  should have more confidence and not get dejected just by initial reverses.

Four things teams need to do when they face initial reversals...

1. Accept the situation 

2. Restrategise 

3. Repair & Re-build capability

4. Reinfuse morale to fight-


That is exactly what the Pandavas do. The Pandava army , having fared badly on the first day of the battle, Dhrishtayumna , the Generalissimo, devised measures to avoid a repetition of it. They reworked their strategy. On the second day   the army was most carefully arrayed and everything was done to instil confidence.

On the other hand , the Kaurava army was just over confident and intoxicated by their initial victory. Duryodhana proclaimed to them that their final Victory was already assured. That was the beginning of their end. Sun-set of the second day of the battle actually saw the Kauravas in the mood the Pandavas were in the previous evening.

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