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Riding Ponies to Star- Wars!!!

Riding Ponies to Star- Wars!!!

Those who allow arrogance of their past success to stymie new learnings, may have been veterans of old battles but having undermined learning, will be ordained to lose the future wars of success.  

The new world has new ways that the old need to  continuously be learning from the new !!! If you just thought that you know Google, WApp, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, Zoom and Alexa and thus you are ready...wait.

The 8 new technologies which will soon predominate the world are 

👉hyper-automated 5G 


👉autonomous driving

👉Predictive medicine

👉the distributed cloud 

👉practical block-chain 

👉extended reality

👉human augmentation

👉behavioral economics

The best of the best today, if they do not invest in learning such future ways of the world from the new, will find themselves riding ponies  wearing their rusted crowns to digital battlefields, in the age of the Star-Wars!

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. That is the adage we grew-up with. The new world has new beliefs and this one is critical...those who do not keep learning are doomed to be buried in the graveyard of history! So when times are changing and paradigms are shifting, the arrogance of age must submit to be taught by the youth.

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