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Rostam & Sohrab

Rostam & Sohrab - a tragedy out of the 10th Century Persian epic by Firdowshi - 'The Shahnameh'.

Often in real life we end up fighting battles for others without investigating the antecedents. The ones you fight unknowingly, may not necessarily be your enemies. The tragedy in life is that sometimes we may end up killing our own blood-line. By oblique reference, when you fight battles for others be wise. You may end fighting against the very purposes & values that you otherwise stand for.

Rostam (the strong & tall) King from Zabulistan, in search of his lost horse Raksh, enters another kingdom - Samangan. He ends up siring a child with Tehminah, the King's daughter who passionately loves him.

The King of Persia urgently recalls Rostam's duty & he leaves Tehmina without waiting for delivery. He leaves his precious amulet for the child to be identified by.

Time passes & Rustam has now become old. Persia goes to war with Turan.

The reputation of Rostam's valour & strength scares the enemy warriors. None dares to fight him but for a young, strong but audacious soldier - Sohrab. In the mortal combat that ensues, Rostam stabs Sohrab ... who whilst dying shows him that precious amulet & tells him that he is son of the Great Rostam & that his father will now avenge his death.

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1 Comment

Verzavand Postvala
Verzavand Postvala
Apr 21, 2020

Great epic lucidly explained by a great writer ADIL MALIA

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