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Running To The Post

Natural tendency in a competitive challenge is to run faster . But that cannot guarantee you success even if you succeed in gaining the extra speed required.

Sometimes, it is the direction that needs to be set right. Smart leadership is about knowing when to add speed and when to change the direction.

We learnt that in school early. My cousin and I. We ran fast and then faster when we realised that Rommy was ahead of us. We out ran him soon thinking we had won the road race.

But we later realised that he was not in any race at all and that we had run in the wrong direction chasing the wrong guy !

Certainly that race we could not win. But the lesson we learnt helped us win many races later in life.

Often now when we meet, it has become a ritual to wink and ask ... hope you are tailing the right guy !!

Hope you are running to the post...

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