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Satyakam, was vying for an imperial job but found no opportunity. Luckily, he gets a call from the Imperial Ministry to interview. 

Many were invited for the interview. All looked more qualified & better suited.  

Low on hope, he meets the Minister.

As the Minister saw Satyakam, overcome by emotions he hugged him & said : " I can't believe its you! Do you know the trouble I have undergone searching for you ? I must be lucky. You valiantly rescued my daughter from drowing last year & vanished before claiming reward. This job is yours "

Satyakam was surprised. He said : " Sir, I think you have mistaken me for someone else. I am not yr daughter's saviour "

"You are modest". He calls his secretary to revalidate, who identifies & narrates the same story

But Satyakam humbly insisted on it being some mistake of uncanny resemblance.

The interview continued.Satya left with no hope of getting the job but was surprised to get a selection lettter. He joined duty & worked very hard.

Curiously, one day he asked the Secretary : " Did Sir find his daughter's rescurer ?".

"Yes, on that day of your interview, he met six rescurers ... and this is interesting since our Hon Minister being devoted to work is not even married & has no children !"

Peel the onion as deep as you like.

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