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Self-Engaged Achievement!

Whether life or career or for that matter of fact, anything. If you are interested in giving it a shape you like or reaching a destination you wish to, you will have to take charge and start shaping the thing. Prayer helps those who engage !

It is only a coincidence if things actually reach your desired destination without your active, engaged and focussed involvement. Ofcourse, if someone up there likes you and blesses you with tons of serendipity, you could then too reach your desired destination whilst you rest and hope. But that is called 'achievement without engagement'. No prizes for you.

The steps, I suggest for you :

1. 'Picture your Dream' : Define and draw a picture of what you want things to look like when reach the destination.

2. 'Selfie' your current state to determine the gap to be travelled.

3. 'Feedback Your Efforts' : Ongoing feedback on your efforts and journey to destination from the knowledgeable who you respect , critically helps.

4. 'Regularly Touch-up' : or repaint yourself on the basis of the feedback received to measure and see where you have reached.

5. 'Frame The Picture' : on reaching the destination to record your journey ... whilst preparing for the onward journey to higher destinations.

Look at the picture below. It is a pictorial representation of this idea. Artist Alex Alimany paints a picture of his own self painting his portrait whilst looking at you. What better representation of taking charge to shape a better picture of self, looking at you for feedback ???

You build your career likewise - assessing first, feedback then and thereafter taking self charge to shape your efforts and learning to look better and better each time, till you look the best.

That is Self-engaged Achievement.

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1 Comment

Jul 23, 2023

U are your boss.. Healer.. All in all.. Activated divine wisdom leads you to eternity.. Home.. Prayers and protocols

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