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Seven Questions At The Cross-Roads

If there is anything that does not change - it is the fact that ever too often, we will keep finding ourselves at cross-roads of choices having to take decisions. And the choice we make, determines success.

Unfortunately, the different paths we can choose from are not bipolar as in one road leads to destination and the rest to doom. The path to doom is in fact rather easy to identify from and thus can be avoided.The different shades of grey that could possibly lead us to success makes the decision to choose from between available options, very ambiguous, confusing & rather difficult.

As a Coach, I keep getting asked this question rather often : "What are generally the right questions one should ask to be able to make the right choice ?".

Let me share with you these 'filter tips' that I share that could help you choose too. Ask yourself :

1. Which from the options is closest to my purpose, character and style ?(...always play to your strengths. Beat your fears )

2. Which from these are growth options ?(...always opt for growth even if it means investing in new learning )

3. What would I advise my younger brother placed in the same dilemma to do ? (...think and give yourself responsible advise not rash guidance)

4. What is my inner voice saying? (...your outer body is the younger brother of your inner voice. Learn to listen)

5. Should I worry or be bothered about what others may say if I make the choice

that I am tempted to ? (... your social references can make you happy but remember, your success brings you happy social references)

6. Will this choice impact other aspects of my life ?(...happy family adversely suffering with a new promotion, if it matters to you, is a poor choice)

7. Will it ultimately make me flourish and happy ?(...but for that you rather be clear what makes you happy for that will define your True North, all the time when you loose your path and have to choose your way back).

David Brooks rightly says ...

"Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs as he evaluates his choices : the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so". Surely, you also have the third choice - not to begin with these two beliefs. But then don't miss the fact that David Brooks was making reference to successful people !

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