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' Somethings, time teaches better ... '

A learning mindset, calm patience and desire to apply learnings to new situations are the way to success.

For those of you interested in my doodles, will now read them under this new brand label... in a way, a new property to convey my thoughts.

Thank you all who read my posts and doodles everyday and comment too.

It is 6 years now and time to fly into New horizons with new thoughts...

Like Musk said whilst letting the cute blue bird fly away to its new horizons - this is new and will complete my journey to connect and communicate with you more meaningfully. Only that he said it with an X ... I prefer nurturing !

Hope you like it.

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1 comentario

02 ago 2023

It's only time which is the teacher.. Yes ji you are right.

Me gusta
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