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In a world that targets ambitious progress as its purpose, chaos is unavoidable, ear-shattering noise is the causatum, soul-rattling anxiety is inevitable, in such a situation, 'Stillness' becomes naturally, the vital key to success.

This credo is absolutely true for leadership that finds itself in such a trap of pandemonium, crisis and unrest wherefrom it is mandated to think clearly, listen to inner prompts and steer the team thru these distractions to the path of its vision !

Whilst courage is the calling of a leader, Stillness is indeed the key to Success. Rightly says Ryan Holiday.

Bhagvad-Gita refers to this state as a state of 'Samatva' - calmness, stillness and equanimity which Lord Krishna prescribes to Arjuna as being the way a leader should remain - steady and unperturbed to think clearly despite being besieged by adversities in an otherwise spinning world.

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