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Strong Mental Frameworks

Within the framework of our paradigms, we carry strong mental models in our heads. This represents how we make sense of the reality we live in & think the world around us works. Over time, we become absolutely comfortable within these frameworks & feel alienated, if we have to operate outside of that.

Unfortunately, we convert these fluid mental models into rigid frameworks encompassing mental territories that cannot be penetrated .

Says Paul Schoemaker ... unfortunately, the mental frames we develop, blocks & distorts the view we see.

Thus when paradigms change, these rigid frameworks create resistence blocking change stimulants from coming in.

👉Frameworks filter our free view. You see the world that the framework is designed to make you perceive the world

👉 They exist in our minds. Despite they being very strong, they are themselves not easily visible. Others cannot easily see it. Whilst there may be critical pieces in such frame-works missing, mind refuses to accept that there may be gaps

👉They are difficult to break-free once trapped in it. Infact those trapped become warriors & ardent defenders of the framework.

Be therefore mindful of these frameworks and break free from their clutches to freely move to a new world when paradigm moves.

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