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Super Five Speak Well Tips

A thousand fantastic videos, possibly ten thousand self-help articles and maybe a hundred thousand Coaches all proclaiming great expertise in Communications, Public Speaking & Presentations ... ('ecafe' - exaggeration consciously added for effects ). And each one of them super ! Someone who attended a session I was delivering asked during break time for tips on Public Speaking despite being familiar with all the above great material freely accessible on the net.  Sharing with you my Super Five 'Speak Well Sharp Tips', if it interests you and hope it helps. A 'true-confession' and this is not for effects. I read my own tips at least once before each time I prepare to speak. 1. Dialogue your thoughts on the theme with yourself and script your thoughts logically. Only clarity in mind can add to easy flow & luster in delivery. 2. Research supporting data and identify interesting stories, analogies, fables, quotes and draw from history to supplement logic of your main script. Weave calculated drama to your script to get audience break-throughs more at the beginning and for a strong closure. Embellishments add to narrative style and gets audience attention. 3. Experiment with your body movements, gestures & different postures to identify the best that could match & draw audience attention to emphasize the points you are making. 4. Practice your script and right gestures again and again (and again) till it achieves a level of coordinated perfection in speech-craft to match your natural style. 5. Dress right, hydrate well, breathe deep during pauses, mentally relax, walk confidently and Speak Well to Win. Of course, last one minute say your silent prayer. A strategic thinker and a strong doer is not good enough any longer. It is a new competitive world. The competence of a professional needs to be strongly augmented by an eloquent and confident speaking style. May the tips above,  help you in your endeavor...

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