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TAO - The Hunter and The Farmer.

The Chinese philosophy has a lot of wisdom. Learnings are transferred thru stories for their 'Taos' to be learnt.

Let me narrate. A Hunter & a Farmer were neighbors. Unfortunately, the hunter's dogs each night got into the farmers house & eat his lambs. On the farmers complaint, the hunter tried to stop the dogs but failed. Cordial relationships got consequently soured.

The farmer in disgust filed a case.The wise judge gave the farmer his advise & instructed him to follow it.

The farmer accordingly took two of his most adorable lambs to the hunter's house & gifted them to his 2 sons as pets. It was to thank Hunters for the efforts they put-in to control their dogs. The sons loved the lambs.

Next day, the surprised farmer found that the hunter had built a large cage outside his house to protect his lambs.The dogs were sleeping in the cage.

In reciprocation, the hunter shared some of his fresh kills too. Happiness reflourished in the neighborhood

The judge was right. There is always a better way of doing things

Employers & employees - the two critical partners are entangled in law suits for payment of wages during their lock-down. Can they find a negotiated way forward that benefits both? Hope Tao of this narrative influences them.

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May 28, 2020

May TAO -wisdom PREVAIL

---hunter farmer / employer employee find a midpath thats beneficial for both.... today and for the future


May 28, 2020

Adil ..loved the last line of your blog on Mahabharat.....its so sweet and tender ..first blooms

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