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The 3 Pots

Please see the Doodle first... The corporate fatigued & stressed daughter touches the contents of the 3 Pots after the water had cooled as told to do by her mother. But soon she looks quizzically at her mother to understand her suggestion. The egg in the first pot had hardened. The coffee beans had changed the aroma of the water and also the colour and the carrots had become soft. The mother then explains as all wise mothers do...  The egg, the coffee beans and the carrots were all put under the same adversity - the boiling water at the same temperature. But each one of them reacted to that adversity depending on its character, strength and tenacity. The raw eggs went in hard but came out boiled and could shed its outer shell easily. It was now prepared and ready for consumption with a new and different taste. But the shell had in a way, muddied the water in which it was boiled.  The carrots went in hard and  became nice and soft without changing the water in which it was boiled The Coffee Beans went in as pods but under the boiling heat they added a different colour, a rich aroma and a very nice flavor to the water in which it was boiled. Each human being reacts to the adversity it faces, differently ...  depending on mind-sets, capacities & tenacity. You cannot avoid adversity but you can certainly build your tenacity and character to react to that adversity differently. Sometimes, you come out of adversity, hard and better. Sometimes, you come out - soft and better. Sometimes, you come out adding a rich aroma to the air and a very pleasant flavor to the water that boils you. Indeed yet another lesson from domestic wisdom..

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