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The Antique Collector

The Antique Collector...

In pursuit of endless greed, we keep collecting more &

more. Slowly over time, we get attached to these things.

Unknown to us, our perspectives & the very purpose of our existence changes !

Story time ...

A Colonel retired from Army after 30 years. To occupy his time, he developed a passion for collecting antique items.

One day, he acquired a very old Vase & was thrilled with his acquisition. He took out his muslin cloth & started cleaning the vase.

Unfortunately, due to a sudden untimely sneeze, the vase slips from his hands. The Colonel does his acrobats to catch it before it hits the floor ... plunges, leaps & jumps to save it. Being an infantry man, he was acrobatic. Somehow, he saves the Vase. Wow, lucky he thought he was !

But his heart was pounding. Breathing was heavy. He felt breathless. During war days, he had realised that he could lose his life. But that never frightened him. He was fit even now. But the possibility of breaking the vase had frightened him.

He stepped back. Meditated to consciously realise that he had become too attached to that vase. His attachment was actually the real cause of his emotional turmoil.

He sat back, perfectly calm & at ease.Thought. Quietly, he loosens his grip over the Vase.

The glass shatters....

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