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The Attention Tension

Need for 'Attention' and how we deal with it is a critical indicator of our maturity and a determinant of our happiness. Our need for attention is not only physical but as much psychological. So critical becomes 'attention' as a factor that the human 'self-worth' is often determined by the quality & quantity of attention one gets. The deficit between the attention sought & attention provided is filled by people indulging in self-validation. This leads to a state called Narcissism. The talented Narcissist seeks redemption of this 'attention gap' by filling it with excellence in his work . The not so talented Narcissist , keeps craving for attention, gets frustrated & becomes impatient. They then seek fulfillment of their 'self-worth' gap by brooding, vitiating the climate, adopting negative attitude, bad-mouthing Managers or gossiping. Finally, they seek alternate platforms & quit. 'The Attention Primer'..... Effective leaders are mindful & so give a lot of balanced attention to 'Attention'. Lack of conscious attention can actually be a source of demotivation, tension & hopelessness. Giving wrongful & undeserved attention can become the source of envy, jealousy & disengagement in the culture. Thus Inspirational leaders provide balanced Attention.

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Mar 01, 2020

The day you stop learning, I feel you stop living. Learning means growing

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