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Whilst designed by me for a few friends, I throw it open to you. Solve it but please DO NOT post the answers. Don't be a kill joy. Just record in response the time you take to complete it.

I think if you could complete it without errors :

a.  in 15 minutes, you are Super

b.  between 15 & 22 minutes, you are Intelligent

c.  in 22/28 minutes, you are  


d.  in 28 to 35 minutes, you are 

comparable to me: Average 

e.  in above 35 minutes you need a COViD test (lol) !!!!

So go thru the clues and have fun.....



1. Antonym of "close bonding"

8. Unique & peculiarly

10. Real time Global Villan like in a Bond flick

14. video narrator - ____ artist

16. Current Corporate hobby

19. Yogic chant for inner peace

20. New Year's - 31 December

21. informal hello

23. Responsible Delivering positions on Board

24. WFH demands better __ skills

25. Some say we are facing tacitly the 3rd global confrontation

27. Locational Stay put when detected

Down :

1. Indication of corporate inflation

2. _ _ practices that drive organisations

3. Precedes a vowel word

4. Nay

5. Natural response to Job Loss

6. Particularly for reference

7. _ _ Program created by Richard Bandler & John Grinder being a pseudo scientific approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy

9. If devil lives in deep details then you need to do it ...

11. not been on it since 34 days

12 Zilch

13. Negative response

15. Team appointed to ensure further preparedness & lockdown implementation of Covid19

16. on job but not at office

17. Latin Rogation

18. Prohibited Zone

22. The Black Coats and Wet Coats both cannot currently go to due to Covid-19

25. Platform of the new World Messaging

26. The man-made brain of the Robots

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