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The Cool Stress test

When your Manager gets out of control, ampathy should make you mindful of the preassure that he or she may be under. Unfortunately, leadership literature makes one expect near superman qualities from 'Leaders' ... a leader thus is expected to be balanced & in total self-control. However, under preassure, the Leader feels the heat first but is expected to eat last ! Even the coolest cat who appears sane may freak-out. The cool mask melts under heat. The human brain under preassure & stress becomes hyper-sensitive & paranoid. The most primitive part of the brain get aroused & engages to overwhelm people's reasoning power. In such moments, the controlled character is supressed & the real character shows its hydra-head. Superfiscial training pontificates leaders to display self-control. We may thus appear cool but are not stress-tested.Real Stress exposure therefore is the preperatory ground to grow strong leadership. Job rotation to stressed assignments helps potention leadership to develop stress resistence. Good leaders therefore need to build stress immunity by 1. Understanding their own brittleness & triggers 2. Enhancing early discovery of their stress induced negative reactions & quick deployment of their own internal disaster control system.

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