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The Corporate Prince

"It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory" said Demming. But if you want to survive if you wish to fulfill your purpose, change is then mandatory.

Most of the senior people we meet proudly boast that they were leading some or the other "Whole System Transformation" Agenda. Whilst in the course of the narration it does not take us a long time to understand why they may have failed, more often than not, they seem to have missed the fundamental strategic step.

The Veterans and the 'Cohort' Leaders in their legacy systems have much to lose when the design of change that the leader wants to bring about does not take into consideration their concern, position, privileges, ranks, benefits, care and interest. 

Why for should they overtly or covertly support that change agenda??? They miss to address this concern.

Machiaveli advised so to the Prince. Understand ramifications of your design to the beneficiary stake holders in the legacy system. Then 'design think '  your plan to neutralise their losses.

See the doodle. I would advise the same to the Corporate Leadership as well which maybe mandated with Whole System Transformation.

If you are 'The Prince', you rather be mindful. Unknowingly, you may be building up your own resistance to the program. Same Corporate Leader too.

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